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Yujin, A Trust-Based Long-Term Partnership

Yujin works for Total Gas & Power in Korea, which is in charge of the LNG business excluding production. He is mainly involved in supporting domestic sales and contracts for LNG production projects that Total participates in.

Looking Forward and Planning the Future

After studying political science in college, Yujin started his career in the Ship Sales Department of a Korean shipbuilder, selling LNG carriers, oil tankers and container ships to European buyers. While learning the business and dealing with global buyers, he observed LNG's rapid growth as a main energy source and Korea's influential role in the global LNG industry. He wanted to expand his experience beyond ships to the LNG industry as a whole. So he applied to Total, challenging himself to a new career.

In-Depth Familiarity with Partners and Work

Korea imports 95% of its energy, meaning that securing supply is always the top priority. Total has focused on maintaining an uninterrupted energy supply and building long-term trust-based relationships with the domestic energy industry. Yujin strives to cement and enhance this trust. 
To support Total's business in Korea and related projects, he needs in-depth familiarity with a variety of areas — LNG supply, the domestic economic and political situation, other energies, and the relationship between the government and business. His university education helps him to grasp the big picture.

Trust Based on Core Principles

Working at Total, Yujin learned how to communicate with coworkers from all over the world and deal with domestic companies as a member of a multinational company. This is an important skill, because misunderstandings can arise due to imbalances or intentions that are not clearly delivered. The solution is nonetheless simple: building trust with partners based on Total's core principles.   
Balanced decision-making guided by trust and a commitment to long-term relationships is the unsung driving force of the remarkable partnership between Total and Korean companies. In keeping with the company's principles, Yujin also considers mutual benefits first and pays close attention to every detail of communication to avoid presenting misleading information. 
He also strives to provide a balanced picture of the domestic situation and the status of local companies to his colleagues involved in LNG production projects from around the globe, including Total's headquarters in Paris and other locations in London, Yemen and Indonesia, so that they can also stay committed to the principle of trust when conducting LNG sales business with Korean counterparts.

Trust Between Partners Creates Better Energy

For Yujin, "Securing energy supply based on trust is the most important thing, considering the domestic energy industry. That is the true meaning of 'Better Energy' we are promoting as a company.”
While it is natural for him to work for the benefit of Total, he also knows the significance of building trust with domestic companies rather than getting lured by short-term profits. This is because most LNG supply deals involve long-term contracts that span over two decades, and the supply-demand relationship could always evolve into a full-blown partnership in the future. 
By upholding the company's principle, Yujin is contributing to creating a 'Better Energy,' which is a job he takes pride in.

Plans for Both Total and Himself

He wants to enthusiastically focus on his current task, analyzing and delivering the overall domestic corporate situation as accurately as possible, helping LNG production projects to make the right decisions. 
He hopes this will serve as the foundation for expanding Total's LNG business in Korea and also as a career stepping-stone for his personal development. Yujin is ready to expand his career abroad if an opportunity arises, by leveraging his experience in the domestic industry to serve broader areas of LNG business.

“Honesty is the best policy.”

Short resume


2009 to present

Total Gas & Power Korea



Ship Sales Department at a shipbuilder in Korea



Degree in Political Science and Diplomacy from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Political Science, 2006