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TotalEnergies Lubmarine in Korea: Putting the Customer First

Since the introduction of the brand in 1997, TotalEnergies Lubmarine has become the biggest supplier of marine lubricants in South Korea. Part of a global network with over 60 years of experience in delivering marine lubricants and services, our expert team provides innovative solutions to our Korean customers. Thanks to their local knowledge and international backup, TotalEnergies Lubmarine safely delivers the right marine products and provides customers with the technical support they need, at home and abroad.

The Lifeblood of the Shipping Industry

TotalEnergies Lubmarine supplies a range of engine oils and auxiliary lubricants. The two are essential to ensure efficient ship operations, good engine and equipment condition as well as reduce maintenance costs and vessel downtime.

A ship can have up to 100 types of different marine equipment on-board, each of which needs careful attention. The challenge for ship operators is to safely and efficiently match the marine lubricant to the equipment.

With decades of marine lubrication experience, TotalEnergies Lubmarine meets this challenge and is able to advise on and supply Korean customers like Hanjin Shipping and Hyundai Merchant Marines with an entire range of lubes, offering nearly 80 different products, from cylinder to stern tube lubricants for their bulk and container ship and LNG carriers.

It's All About the Network

Based in Seoul, the nine strong TotalEnergies Lubmarine team in Korea provides lubes and technical support to vessels calling at domestic ports, as well as shipyards. TotalEnergies Lubmarine Korean supplies to all South Korean ports including Busan, Incheon and Mokpo.

With a presence in over 100 countries and 1000 ports around the world, customers can also rely on a strong global network.  As part of the TotalEnergies Group and the Lubmarine Division, the team of TotalEnergies Lubmarine in Korea is committed to providing the same dedication and attention to detail to each and every customer, single vessels or large fleets.

Safety First

Safety is always a priority for TotalEnergies Lubmarine. Fully integrated at every stage of our procedures, safety rules are implemented for production sites and deliveries. All deliveries of lube by sea are with double-hulled barges.

Risks have been carefully analysed throughout the supply chain and steps taken to reduce these risks. TotalEnergies undertakes vetting of all vessels delivering marine lubricants, regardless of their size.

Preparing for the Future

Profound change is underway in the marine lubricants sector. TotalEnergies is at the forefront of this change both in the research lab and on the ground.

Ships are now powered by engines running with both high sulphur heavy fuel oil and distillate fuels. Engine layouts are evolving and the industry is increasingly facing the challenge of complexity, which requires a reshaping of the conventional design of marine lubricants.

The TotalEnergies Group and its Lubmarine marine lubricants division have made major investments in R&D in recent years. Based in our Research Center in France, our teams are behind many of the marine lubricants innovations that are today benefiting our Korean customers. TotalEnergies Lubmarine is currently working on the next generation of single oil solution, which will be able to cope with a larger range of fuels than conventional lubricants, ensuring our customers will always stay one step ahead.