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Expertise Meets Expertise: S-Oil Total Lubricants

TotalEnergies started its lubricants business in Korea in 1987 under licensing with local partner Isu Chemical and it evolved as a joint venture with S-Oil, one of Korea’s largest refiners, in 2008. S-Oil Total Lubricants produces and sells a comprehensive range of high-performance automotive and industrial lubricants and has emerged as the third largest lubricant maker in Asia, beyond being the leader in the Korean market.

Global Marketing Know-How Combined with Superior Quality

TotalEnergies and S-Oil, one of the top three local refiners and biggest base oil producers signed a joint venture agreement in 2008. 
With global marketing expertise gained from close partnerships with multinational companies over many years, TotalEnergies joined forces with S-Oil, which had been building trust in the domestic market with superior quality and manufacturing technology. The partnership transformed quality standards and the market, generating significant synergies and differentiating the joint venture from other lubricant companies in the domestic market.

Always Striving to Be the Best

As of 2015, with a stable base oil supply from the Onsan S-Oil refinery in Ulsan, S-Oil Total Lubricants holds a 16% share of the domestic lubricant market, strengthening its position as the preferred partner for domestic car manufacturers. Moreover, its outstanding quality and technological prowess are increasingly being recognized worldwide. S-Oil Total Lubricants is always striving to be the best, by offering environmentally friendly lubricants and a range of innovative services such as Total ANAC (ANAC is the abbreviation for ANAlysis Compared).

Roles for a Better Product, Better Service

Extending beyond the sales of lubricants, the joint venture has quickly responded to the needs of consumers, thereby expanding its position as a provider of solutions for the industry as a whole as well as for the most demanding car, motorcycle and truck drivers. While our product developers, marketing experts and technicians strive to provide competitive services, new and improved products are continuously being introduced to domestic automakers, leading companies across industries and general consumers, playing an important role in promoting efficient ways of energy consumption.

Planning Success That Can Be Shared

Aiming to become the first-ranked player in the lubricant market by 2018, S-Oil Total Lubricants is sparing no efforts to operate safely and establish a responsible social footprint, aiming to set the standard in the areas of HSE and CSR initiatives.
S-Oil Total Lubricants also shares the experience and know-how of TotalEnergies with 100,000 of the company's employees and its suppliers worldwide to ensure successful partnerships and satisfied customers.
With a capacity of 140,000 tons per year, S-Oil Total Lubricants is committed to responsibly producing safe and sustainable energy.

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